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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Login and registration

Login does not work
Some older browser versions may not work and show the error message "The website was not found" when going to myAPG. In this case, please remove the address part "/login" in the browser address bar, so that only is shown.


2. Contact information

Where do I find contact information?
For each campaign, you can find your contact persons in the campaign detail (by clicking on the campaign in the hit list) in the "Campaign information" tab. For questions regarding login and navigation in myAPG, you can also contact our servicedesk directly. You will find the contact details at the top of this page.


3. Displaying campaign information

Why do I not see every existing campaign?
Can't find the campaign you're looking for? These are possible causes:

  1. Our sales department has not yet released the campaign for myAPG or temporarily set it to "do not display". Please ask your contact person directly.
  2. The campaign is older than 48 months. Please ask your contact person directly.
  3. Following a registration, checks are made to determine whether your personal information can be assigned to an existing company in our customer base. If the company has not yet been registered, a new entry will have to be created. Until this has been completed, you will only be able to see the advertising media you have delivered.


4. Reports, documents, documentation

Media plan / Planning
Select the desired campaigns and then click on "Media plan". You will receive an overview of formats, advertising material requirements, gross prices, net prices as well as offered, confirmed, executed and invoiced bookings per calendar week for the selected campaigns. To ensure that you receive the entire advertising media requirement, associated campaigns that you may not see in myAPG are also listed here.


Offer / confirmation / contract / invoices
You will find these documents in the campaign detail in the tab "Order documents". You will find the current offer or confirmation as well as your invoices.


Surface photo documentation
These photos show the surface. You will find this function in the details of the campaign in the tab "Surfaces". Select the desired surfaces and click on the "Surface photo documentation" button.


Proof photo documentation
These photos show on the one hand the document image for each selected area and on the other hand the location. You will find this function in the details of the campaign in the tab "Surfaces". Select the desired surfaces and click on the "Proof photo documentation" button.


No photo documentation available?
The possible reasons are:

  1. These are interior surfaces in public transport.
  2. These are promotion areas.
  3. There is no current offer or confirmation in myAPG.


No proof photo documentation available?
The possible reasons are:

  1. The posting has not yet been effected.
  2. It is a digital campaign. We cannot offer you document images for them. As an alternative you may view the function "Display planning". Terminated campaigns can be viewed by checking the register "reporting".


Address lists / area lists
In the campaign detail in the register "Surfaces". Select the button "Address / surface list". An excel file will be generated with all surfaces in this campaign. The status of the surface list corresponds to the status of the offer or confirmation in the "Order documents" tab.


No surface list is displayed?
The possible reasons are:

  1. These are promotion areas.
  2. There is no current offer or confirmation available in myAPG. Please get in touch with us.


5. Production of digital and analog advertising media

You can find the information for digital advertising media here.


You can find the information for posters here.


Can still pictures be delivered if these are to be screened in succession in the same loop and with a predetermined running time?
If you wish to screen several still pictures in succession, these must be delivered as a spot.


6. Delivery and checking of digital advertising materials

What is being verified during the preliminary check?
The preliminary check verifies the following production points:

  1. Is the format delivered included in the campaign?
  2. Does the length of the delivered spot match the booked duration?
  3. Is the frame rate 25 or 50 images/second?
  4. Has the predefined colour space been used? (spots: yuv, still pictures: rgb)
  5. Has the predefined scan type been used (progressive)?
  6. Has the spot been delivered without an audio track?
  7. Has the spot/the still picture been delivered in a format listed in the production guidelines?


When is delivery of the digital advertising material definitely accepted?
Once the advertising material has been successfully uploaded, the file is rendered (changed into playback format) and then checked against legal and ethical criteria. You will receive an e-mail from us when the final check has been concluded.


I would like to send the upload link to my producers, where can I locate it?
You can find the link for the upload of digital advertising material

  1. On the order confirmation, after the total page.
  2. In the e-mail you received with the sales documentation.


How long does it take to upload advertising material?
The upload time depends on the bandwidth of your internet connection and the size of the spot.


7. Broadcast planning (digital campaigns)

How does the subject planning work?

How can I have several advertising media screened alternating (ratio split)?
During planning, you can select several advertising materials for the same broadcast period. They will be screened alternating in the same ratio. If you want to add further advertising media to an already existing planning, please complete the planning by clicking on the button "Add to planning".
Can I delete individual broadcasts that have already been planned?
You can delete individual broadcasts within a specified time period. To do this, select "Delete already planned broadcasts" or reschedule the desired period with one or more advertising media. If you use the "Plan" button to plan a broadcast, you will overwrite existing plans.
Can I replace one advertising media with another?
You can use the "Replace advertising media" function to replace already planned ad media with new ones.


8. Planning a posting (analog campaigns)

How does the posting planning work?