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eBoards are digital advertising media in landscape format. They offer ample room for the spectacular presentation of your products and services on screens with high image quality and even higher colour intensity.


Rail eBoard

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Communication space "railway stations"

Railway stations are technically and architecturally sophisticated, high-frequency venues. The user community is multifaceted and includes commuters, weekend and vacation travelers and the regular or occasional passers-by who belong to the local population. With railway station advertising you can reach attractive, contemporary and trend-conscious target groups.

Format 16:9, LED- and LCD-Screens, from 6 m2
Booking unit at least 1 day
Content advertising and news
Loop 120 seconds
Restrictions depending on the location




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City eBoard

00_images-round 2019_City Board

Communication space "streets and squares"

Be it motorized or on foot, with a private vehicle or by public transportation, mobility mostly takes place on streets. Thanks to the strength of the poster and the integration of new formats, you benefit from this attractive Out of Home advertising environment.

Format 16:9, LED-screen, from 7 m2
Booking unit at least 1 day
Content advertising and news
Loop 120 seconds
Restrictions alcohol, tobacco

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Event eBoard

00_images-round 2020_Event eBoard

Communication space "POI"

The Hallenstadion in Zurich is the largest event building in Switzerland and the venue of events with international stars of pop, rock, latin, hip-hop, folk music as well as sport events like the ice hockey world championship or Art on Ice. The Hallenstadion is well-known beyond the national border. With its great appeal, the specific target groups and the extended catchment area it is particularly interesting for advertising.

Format 16:9, LCD-screen, 43"-75", in full HD quality
Booking unit at least 365 days
Content advertising and visitor information
Loop 60 seconds
Restrictions competitors of Hallenstadion partners, alcohol, tobacco




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