Content: Regualtions Swiss Poster Award

Regulations 2020


1.    Purpose

The Swiss Poster Award competition honors classical and innovative outdoor advertising campaigns that have been shown in public space throughout Switzerland.

2.    Organizer of the competition

Organizer of the contest is APG|SGA. It is responsible for the preparation, implementation and for the communication of the competition's results. APG|SGA therefore is in contact with advertising industry associations, the specialized press and the media.

3.    Conditions for admission

Eligible for the competition are posters in the format F4, F200, F400, F12, F24 as well as BigPosters, special implementations and spots, streamed on ePanels and eBoards that have been created by an agency, graphic designer or a conceptual responsible company in Switzerland or in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Advertising material that has been designed abroad expressly and exclusively for Switzerland can also be submitted.

All outdoor advertising campaigns must have been posted or broadcasted in public space of Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein.
An identical analog or digital campaign can only be submitted for one category.
4.    Deadlines

Outdoor advertising campaigns that have been shown in public space during a period of time between January and December of the awarding year can be submitted. Closing date is 30th November (changes will be communicated). The results of the competition will be announced in spring of the following year.

5.    Registration / Conditions of competition

The registration has to be made using the according form. Advertising materials have to be transmitted electronically within due time. The registration is made via online tool under The required data have to be submitted to the specified addresses.

By registering for the competition the participants accept the conditions formalized in these regulations. Objections to the jury's decisions are not possible.

6.    Categories

When registering an outdoor advertising campaign for the contest, the category in which the advertising material shall be judged by the jury must be indicated.

The organizer of the competition checks if the campaign has been assigned to the correct category and reserves the right of a category change after consultation with the participant/s. The final decision concerning the category allocation is made by the jury.

"Commercial National"
Large poster campaigns with widespread national presence in at least ten cantons and/or in the five largest cities (Basel, Bern, Genève, Lausanne, Zürich). The posters must in any manner inform about companies, products, services or events.

At the request of the organizer, a proof of display must be provided. The aim is to ensure that the "national broadcasting" requirement, which is intended to demonstrate the national advertising impact of the campaign, is met. In case of doubt, the jury president decides whether the campaign is rated «Commercial National» or «Commercial Local and Regional».

"Commercial Local and Regional"
Poster campaigns of local and/or regional importance. The posters must in any manner inform about companies, products, services or events.

"Public Service"
Posters of charities, politics and public-law institutions.

Posters for cultural institutions or events, such as theaters, museums, exhibitions or festivals.

"Out of Home Innovations"
New ideas and implementations in the commercial outdoor advertising sector.

"Digital Out of Home"
Digital advertising media with animation picture/text. Streamed on at least 55 inches.

7.    Judging criteria

The jury judges on the basis of the following criteria:

  •     Originality of the concept
  •     Novelty
  •     Innovation
  •     Striking implementation of the message
  •     Communicative sustainability
  •     Graphic and creative design
  •     Typography
8.    Jury

The jury consists of about 20 members, including the jury president. All jury members preferably have a direct relation to advertising in their professional activity. The jury president and the organizer of the competition regularly replace current jurors with new ones. The list of the jury members is published with the announcement of the contest.

The jury negotiations will be held in camera. Media representatives may be invited to the jury session. They, as well as the jurors, have to maintain silence concerning the results until publication of the latter.

9.    Awards

The jury issues a shortlist. After viewing the submitted creations, the jury decides how many subjects will be selected per category.

Gold, silver and bronze awards will be handed out in the following categories:

  • Commercial National
  • Commercial Local and Regional
  • Public Service
  • Culture
  • Out of Home Innovations
  • Digital Out of Home

For all categories, the kind and number of awards will be determined on the jurors' day.

The prize "Poster of the Year" is awarded to one of the competition's gold winners.

The jury and the organizer of the "Swiss Poster Award" reserve the right to hand out special awards and to merge categories.

10.    Awards ceremony

The awards ceremony takes place at the "APG|SGA Poster Night".

11.    Communication

APG|SGA ensures adequate communication in the specialized and daily press. The contest results will be documented and published on the APG|SGA website.

The organizer of the competition is authorized to communicate about all the submitted campaigns in text and picture (at the "APG|SGA Poster Night" as well), irrespective of whether the concerning campaign has received an award or not.

12.    Costs

Participation in the competition is free of charge. APG|SGA bears all costs for the planning, organization and realization of the contest. In case of a nomination, the agencies are asked to hand over a maximum of 15 copies of the nominated poster at their own expenses for the "APG|SGA Poster Night" event as well as for possible exhibitions of APG|SGA and for documentation purposes to the Museum für Gestaltung.