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The most important poster competition in Switzerland

Inspiration, creativity, and craftsmanship are characteristics that unite the posters rewarded on the occasion of the Swiss Poster Awards. The Swiss Poster Award underlines the importance of the poster in the intermedia competition and honors the high quality of the creative work. Whether in classic form or digitally, Out of Home advertising convinces as a platform for creative work, through its cost efficiency and impact strength.

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Poster of the Year 2021

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Poster of the Year 2020 – Galaxus Generativ

Our campaign shows our customers’ purchasing behaviour by region, allowing us to compare regional shopping habits. It appears across 4,001 posters, 579 eBoards and ePanels, 6,389 hanging displays and 245 advertisements in the press. All the designs are unique – computer generated one-offs. Each one was specially created to appear in a specific location.

Galaxus Generativ
Creative agency Digitec Galaxus AG (in-house)
Media agency Digitec Galaxus AG (in-house)
Design Daniel Kobi, Severin Keller, Sven Mathis
Format F12 (268,5 x 128 cm), F200 (116,5 x 170 cm), HangingDisplay, eBoard 16:9, ePanel 9:16

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Poster of the Year 2019 – «Kein Tier im Visier»

According to the Guinness World Records, Hiltl is the world's oldest vegetarian restaurant. During the 2019 hunting season, the campaign was right on target: At Hiltl, no animal suffers for what we put on our plate. Four visuals appealed to the public's taste: a roe deer, a wild boar, a hare, and a stag. Conclusion: A creative bull’s eye!

Kein Tier im Visier
Customer Hiltl, Zurich
Creative agency Ruf Lanz, Zurich
Design Mario Moosbrugger (AD), Isabelle Hauser (AD),
Markus Ruf (CD), Danielle Lanz (CD)
Text Markus Ruf 
Image editing Mario Moosbrugger 
Format Big Poster, F12 (268.5 x 128 cm)
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Poster of the Year 2018 – «50 Years of Big Mac»

50 Years of Big Mac
Client McDonald's Suisse Restaurants Sàrl, Crissier
Creative agency TBWA\Zürich, Zürich
Media agency OMD Schweiz AG, Zürich
Design TBWA\
Text TBWA\
Format F200 (116,5 x 170 cm)

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Poster of the Year 2017

Encounters with others can cause fear and stress among people with autism. Therefore, they are dependent on understanding. That's the focus of the campaign by Autismus Forum Schweiz, realizing it with an impressive idea that is implemented with great attention to detail.

Soziale Kontakte
Client Autismus Forum Schweiz, Adliswil
Creative agency Ruf Lanz AG, Zürich
Design Isabelle Hauser (AD), Markus Ruf (CD), Danielle Lanz (CD)
Text Markus Ruf
Photo Illusion, Bangkok
Format F12 (116,5×170 cm)

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Poster of the Year 2016

Never in our entire history have we been exposed to such an enormous flood of images as we are today. And given the volume and the content of these images, it is becoming increasingly difficult to shake up the general public using visual media.
And then this appears: At first glance we see a black rubbish bag on the poster before quickly realizing that it is actually an animal that has been disposed of. Tied together while still alive. Thrown away. We are immediately and deeply shocked.
The “Animals as rubbish” series makes injustice visible, triggers emotions, appeals to our conscience, and spurs us to take action. And that means everyone, even those who have no interest at all in pets. Moreover, the creative design is absolutely outstanding, striking the perfect balance between realism and illustration. The jury enthusiastically chose the series by “Stiftung für das Tier im Recht” as its “Poster of the Year” 2016.

Client: Stiftung für das Tier im Recht (TIR), Zürich
Creative agency: Ruf Lanz AG, Zürich
Design: Danielle Lanz (CD), Isabelle Hauser (AD), Markus Ruf (CD)
Text: Markus Ruf
Photo: Carioca Studio / Visualeyes International AG, Zürich
Format: F200 (116,5×170 cm)

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Poster of the Year 2015

eAd, Instagram, Rollingstar, Facebook, TV, ePanel: the list could go on and on – and shows how unbelievably densely and continually we are “fed” with new image content. The most extreme example is probably large train stations – that is, precisely where people need to travel from A to B as quickly as possible anyway. And precisely here is where the “Poster of the Year” launched its campaign, in which a likeable local figure addresses stressed Swiss lowlanders directly from the quiet, fantastically beautiful mountains of Graubünden. Connected via camera and screen, he starts to talk to busy urbanites, inviting them to visit him personally in the mountains and even presenting them with the train ticket for the journey using the built-in printer. This is an initiative that combines state-of-the-art technology with the charm of a human conversational partner and opens up brand new vistas in out-ofhome advertising. Accordingly, this advertising campaign has not only delighted local viewers but caused a sensation internationally as well. The poster of the Year goes to an extremely innovative project that uses a captivatingly simple and attractive idea and even brings a smile to the faces of the people who see it. What more could we want?

Client: Graubünden Ferien, Chur
Agency: Jung von Matt/Limmat, Zürich
Design: Samuel Christ (CD), Rob Hartmann (CD), Lukas Frischknecht (AD), Amaru Eslava (Grafik)
Text: Alain Eicher
Spot: Simon Nagel (Regie), Eric Andreae (Regie HB)
Format: ePanel

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Poster of the Year 2014

The “Poster of the Year 2014” award has gone to a major national advertising campaign for a very common product: a detergent. The poster relies on a classic advertising strategy – the “before and after” effect. Using a short story, customers are shown what the product being advertised can do. In the case of a detergent, this is the transformation from dirty to clean. So far so good, it’s been done a thousand times before. What makes this campaign so outstanding is the brilliant interpretation of this wellknown configuration. The protagonists, a variety of soft toys, tell of an active and therefore happy childhood, while the look of the animals and the state of their fur show the necessity and effectiveness of the wash just started. The text summarizes the visual message into a short, effective claim. This achieves everything a poster is capable of and demonstrates why good posters are so widely esteemed: The “Poster of the Year” goes to a work which brings together the commercial message and visual expertise in a tongue-in-cheek way.

Client: Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund, Zürich
Agency: Y&R Group Switzerland AG, Zürich
Design: Markus Gut (CCO), Dominik Oberwiler (CD), Martin Stulz (CD), Lukas Wietlisbach (AD), Sebastian Eppler (Grafik)
Text: Fabian Küchler
Photo: Fluxif
Format: F12 (268,5 × 128 cm), F200 (116,5 × 170 cm), ePanel, eBoard

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Poster of the Year 2013

The protagonists of this year’s “poster of the year” have an innocent yet dignified air. Animals with white coats wearing an artistically draped long curly wig, a baroque fashion that has its origins in the court of Louis XIII. Whoever wore such wigs in those days were powerful, and judges in the UK and Australia still wear these curious hairpieces today. The image is photographically and technically superb and deliberately creates a visual irritation which is resolved in the text below: “If animals were judges, cruelty to animals would be punished more harshly.” The picture draws our eye and poses a puzzle. It invites us to imagine how it would be if the roles were reversed. This is enough to make the audience consider the often shocking facts of animal abuse. The “Poster of the year” prize is awarded to a work that provides a wake-up call in a clever, visually striking way.

Client: Stiftung für das Tier im Recht, Zürich
Agency: Ruf Lanz Werbeagentur AG, Zürich
Design: Markus Ruf (CD), Danielle Lanz (CD), Isabelle Hauser (AD)
Text: Markus Ruf
Photo: Staudinger+Franke, Mladen Penev
Format: F200 (116,5×170 cm)

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Poster of the Year 2012

Portraits of politicians are everywhere in advertising. In election campaigns they present themselves as “go-getters”, “visionaries” or “the guy next door”. And they are often photographed badly. In parallel, we hear and see people from all sides constantly talking politics on the radio, on the Internet, and on TV. An experienced politician keeping his mouth shut? Impossible. This is exactly where the clever campaign for the 2012 Jugendsession (Youth Session) began. “Jetzt reden wir” (“Now we’re talking”) shows exceptionally well portrayed political figures from all parties with their mouths taped closed. The piece promotes a striking message for young people in politics to make themselves heard. The fact that the politicians depicted took part in this campaign shows two things: our country’s mature political culture and the intelligence and persuasiveness of the creator of this campaign. The jury awards gold to the poster which uses simple methods to get to the heart of an important concept.

Jugendsession 2012 «Jetzt reden wir!»
Client: SAJV Jugendsession, Bern
Agency: Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett AG, Zürich
Design: Niels Schefer
Text: Simon Smit
Photo: Robert Huber
Format: F200 (116,5 x170 cm)

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Poster of the Year 2011

Good advertising is surprising, evokes a smile, and is sometimes seasoned with a pinch of “criminal energy”. A beautiful bouquet of sunflowers in the public eye first delights us, but only a second look reveals that there is a background story: After all, people don’t only give each other flowers when they are in love, they also do it to make up after a quarrel. When a couple engages in a noisy squabble, a broken vase is not an unlikely outcome. This poster confirms it: The power of flowers can also mend a heap of shards. This is where the visual appeals directly to those who know that life is not always wall-to-
wall sunshine. So it has a multiple effect: In a charming and tongue-in-cheek way, it advertises the product and at the same time lets us know that other people also have hard times once in a while. The Swiss Poster Award 2011 goes to a splendid and smart creation that consummately unites wit and wisdom.

FLEUROP «Gekittete Beziehung»
Client: Fleurop-Interflora (Schweiz) AG, Wangen bei Dübendorf
Agency: Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett AG, Zürich
Design: Reto Clement
Text: Diana Rossi
Photo: David Willen
Format: F200 (116,5 x170 cm)