Content: Target groups

Consumer-friendly and brand-aware target groups

Airports create a unique experience for travellers. Passengers are particularly open to exceptional brand communication. Airport advertising provides a unique opportunity to reach a valuable audience in a distinctive environment.


Effective for B2B and B2C

Hardly anywhere else will you come across as many business people as you do at the airport, making it the perfect place to reach out to decision-makers from all industry sectors. Even private travellers can be reached ideally. They are looking forward to their upcoming vacation and are therefore in a positive mood.

Long dwell time

Zurich Airport offers a variety of shopping, dining  and other services. Around half of passengers commencing their air journey in Zurich spend 90 minutes or more at Zurich Airport. That offers brands sufficient time to fascinate with their advertising.


National and international audience

As a transport hub in the heart of Europe, Zurich Airport plays a strategically important role for Zurich as a business location. As Switzerland’s largest airport, its catchment area extends across national borders to neighboring EU members.