Content: Production and delivery

Production and delivery information of digital formats

When creating and producing digital advertising media keep your creation comprehensive, meaningful and eye-catching in order to reach high attention within your target group. Distinctive colors with few white areas significantly increase the expressiveness of your advertisement.
Delivery of digital advertising media

Please check the delivery deadlines in the separate production guidelines for each digital format. Early delivery allows sufficient time for quality checks and adjustments. Please consider regional and national public holidays in Switzerland .

Production guidelines

•     Airport-eBoard-Screens (387.2 KB)
•     Airport-eBoard-Branding-Check-in-1 (155.6 KB)
•     Airport-eBoard-Branding-Check-in-2 (181.0 KB)
•     Airport-eBoard-Branding-Immigration (129.7 KB)
•     Airport-ePanel-AdWalk (1.0 MB)
•     Airport-ePanel-FlightInformation (324.7 KB)


Do you have questions about the product specifications? Please contact us.

A creative implementation on the Airport ePanel AdWalk can be found here.